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SSI, Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters’ Association, established in 2011 in order to improve export of Turkish defence and aerospace industry comprising defence and security systems, land and naval platforms, aerospace, electronics and information systems, weapon systems and ammunition, support systems and logistic services, military clothes and finery equipment, R&D, engineering etc. SSI’s main mission is to support the exporters of Turkish Defence and Aerospace Industry both financially and morally.

Working under the auspices of Ministry of Trade and in close cooperation with the Ministry of National Defence and Defence Industry Agency (SSB), SSI set its main goal as increasing the market share of the sector through overseas expansion of the current capacities of the Turkish defence and aerospace industry companies in a more organized manner. Being the sole Exporters’ Association of the sector in Türkiye, SSI has an expanding base of members including the most important companies in the sector, by increasing from the initial 60 members to around 1.500 today.


Coordination & Public Relation :

  • - SSI acts as a bridge between private sector and the governmental bodies (especially with Ministry of Trade and Ministry of National Defence),
  • - Contributes to the development of the sectoral policies by the government,
  • - Communicates and cooperates with other national and international organizations.

Buyer Mission Programs :

  •  Representatives from purchasing countries active in the sector are selected by the Trade Counsellors in the related countries and invited to Turkey.
  •  Within the mission program SSI organizes bilateral meetings with Turkish exporters.

Trade Mission Programs :

  • - With the Trade Mission Organizations private companies develop efforts to increase trade and investment.
  • - Fairs : Trade Mission is a visit to a target market by a group of business delegates, including representatives from Turkish companies and associations and is generally led by government officials from related Ministries,
  • - SSI organizes national participation to major fairs around the world.
  • - Apart from such organizations SSI also participates to important international fairs both in Turkey and abroad with info-stands and give information about member companies.

Export Registration:

  • - SSI registers exports of Turkish defence and aerospace sector. These statistics are recorded on daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • - The statistics and reports are used in decision-making processes to build up and steer future policies of the sectors

Research & Reporting:

SSI prepares and shares;

- Market research reports,
- Sub-sectoral reports,
- Country and product profiles,
- Reports of international relations,
- Publicly accessible database.

Consulting :

- Provides information about target markets,
- Offers practical advises to members on logistics, banking, customs regulations, payment terms, incoterms, insurance, EU, free trade agreements, free zones etc,
- Informs its members about the trade regulations of Turkey and changes thereof,
- Provides information about trade practices of partner countries and changes thereof,
- Advises practical information on market access into the world markets.

Training :

- Organizes seminars and courses on production, marketing, foreign trade, etc. to its members
- Cooperates with educational bodies like universities for skilled labor power etc.

Other Activities :

- National and international conventions, seminars, symposia, and conferences are announced to the members and participated
- Requests from importers are disseminated to the members and related organizations
- SSI is responsible for the implementation of the general export policy, under the auspices of the Ministry of Trade. So, SSI finalizes some other works with coordination and/or under the auspices of the Ministry of Trade.















Established in 1989 by 12 Industrialists working in the sector with the encouragement and support of the Ministry of National Defence of the Republic of Türkiye, the Turkish Defence and Aerospace Industry Manufacturers Association (SASAD) is the first association specifically formed to voice the need of the ındustry. Furthermore, SASAD started to represent the civil aviation industry, following the developments in 2012. With the mission of contributing to the development and strengthening of the industry since the day it was established, SASAD has been aiming to contribute to the development of companies and organizations that carry out and/or started their operations to carry out manufacturing, design, engineering, logistics support and training activities in areas such as defence, aviation, space, and domestic security, their competitiveness in international markets, perform activities with the purpose of realizing the common goals of their members, deal with their problems collectively, ensure cooperation, solidarity, and information flow among their members. As SASAD, which hosts more than 275 manufacturing companies and establishments and 6 clusters, we are accelerating our efforts to support the achievements in the industry in line with our role as the umbrella organization of our country's defence and aerospace industry. We support our members operating in the industry to increase their competence and abilities through the studies we have developed under our association or in which we are involved as a project partner, and we keep representing our industry at domestic and international levels. This may be perceived as a significant sign of how national and international events contribute to us in terms of promoting our country.




OSSA was established on July 1, 2007 under the leadership of OSTİM. OSSA has more than 270 member companies from many different cities of Türkiye and nearly 10000 employees and over 50 areas of activity. For land, air and naval platforms; R&D / design, software, composite manufacturing, electronics, electromechanics, harness, machining, sheet metal forming, surface development, test / calibration, coating / painting, optical systems, hydraulic systems, machinery / equipment manufacturing, unmanned systems and many final products and the production of subsystems are among the capabilities and competencies of our members.

OSSA, within the framework of cooperation and collaboration to increase the competitive level of member companies, creates a significant synergies for encouraging in the fields of R&D, innovation, finding new markets, encouraging for international cooperation, providing competitive advantage, adapting to developing Technologies, creating value, improving of corporateness and quality systems, specialization, creating a roadmap and domestic and national production. 

OSSA continues its activities such as creating strategies specific to SMEs, organizing events to gain competitive advantages in Türkiye and abroad, organizing delegation visits, domestic and international promotion, representation and marketing activities, press and public relations, technology transfer and joint projects within the scope of university-industry cooperation.


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Alp Aviation

Alp Aviation

ALP Aviation was founded in Eskisehir in 1998. Eskisehir is the center of Turkey’s military aviation & one of the two hubs of Turkish aerospace industry and close to major cities, port, and airports. Alp Aviation also has additional office, hangar, and storage locations in Ankara, İstanbul, İzmir. Alp Aviation is Sikorsky’s joint venture company and qualified supplier of international BLACKHAWK and SEAHAWK helicopter transmission systems.

Alp Aviation aims to carry the sector far beyond the foreseeable future, with its design and manufacturing abilities in the aviation and space industry, exceeding world standards in the critical areas of design, manufacture, maintenance and after sales services.

Alp Aviation aims to be an internationally acclaimed provider of products and services in the sector, improving the aerospace and space industry with its technologic capabilities, experience, and unique approach.

With its efficient operations and lean manufacturing methods, Alp Aviation successfully competes in global arena and continues to exceed customers` expectations of quality and on time delivery.

Alp Aviation continues its activities in accordance with the requirements of the global aerospace industry with all processes approved by NADCAP. In addition to these certifications, Alp Aviation also has Flight Safety Parts Manufacturing License for Sikorsky, Pratt & Whitney, and Collins & LM Aero.

With 1300 qualified employee, Alp Aviation continues its manufacturing, special process, assembly, and test activities in four modern facilities in one location and these facilities have 50.000 m² area.

Altınay Defence

Altınay Defence

Altınay Defense Technologies, established within the Altınay Technology Group in 2014, has been providing products and solutions in the fields of Motion Control Systems, Unmanned Systems, Stealth Systems, Weapon Systems, Ammunition Destruction, and Production Systems to various stakeholders in the public sector, private sector, and abroad since its establishment. With its high added value, Altınay Defense Technologies aims to become a global player while enhancing its capabilities and resources in order to implement the technologies needed by the Turkish Armed Forces. Today, Altınay Defense Technologies employs over 100 personnel, mostly consisting of expert engineers. The company's headquarters, along with its production line, warehouse, and subsidiary offices located in different locations, cover an infrastructure of over 10,000 square meters at the Teknopark Istanbul campus in Kurtköy, Istanbul.



The ANOVA Group comprises four companies:

  • Anova Mühendislik ve Bilgisayar Tic. Ltd. Şti.  (Anova Engineering and Computer Com. Ltd.), which is a design and simulation software and high performance hardware product and service provider (2003),
  • Anova Ar-Ge Teknolojileri San. Tic. A.Ş  (Anova R&D Tech. Industry Inc.), which is a design, simulation and R&D company whose office is in ODTÜ Teknokent (2008),
  • Anova Savunma ve Otomotiv A.Ş. (Anova Defense and Automotive Inc.), which is a manufacturing company that produces products designed for the defense sector (2013), and
  • Numesys Yazılım Sistemleri A.Ş. (Numesys Software Systems Inc.), which has Elite Channel Partner status, and is the representative of ANSYS, founded in partnership with Figes Inc. (2018)
These are the legal entities that operate within the framework of R&D Today for Tomorrow.
In addition to supporting the defense sector with unique product designs, localization and technological advances, ANOVA also provides services to various branches of industry, including the automotive, major appliances, energy, environment, construction and mechanical manufacturing sectors from its offices in Ankara, İzmir, İstanbul, Bursa and Konya, in the areas of engineering and design. It also has a facility in the Ankara Sincan Organized Industrial Zone.
ANOVA’s goal is to produce technologies that decrease our external dependence through localization and technological advances, thus ensuring our companies maintain the ability to create unique designs through Computer-Aided Engineering, to reduce the duration and cost of design processes, to increase the efficiency of their products and give our companies a say in the global market.
Anova’s experience comes from the fields of mechanical design, electronical design, software development and simulation technologies, which it uses to contribute in an integrated way to such areas that are vital for our defense sector as:
-           Weapon Systems and Military Platform Integration Projects
-           Environmental Air-conditioning Systems (ECS)
-           Fuel Systems
-           Power Systems
As an important strategic business partner of ASELSAN,  a n o v a has designed, manufactured and produced many products that were previously procured from abroad, and has played an important role in decreasing our external dependence through its unique products.

Coşkun Öz

Coşkun Öz

Our Aerospace Business is a subsidary of Coskunoz Holding Group, a 70 years old well known Group in Turkey.

Coskunoz Aerospace is a solution partner in domestic and international markets, as it performs production and integrations with its highly skilled engineering and effective production infrastructure at the highest caliber standards.

Having proven itself in the fields of aerospace, automotive, machinery, mold and defense industry since the 1950s, with a specialized staff, wholeheartedly believing in education, research and development.

We have the following main capabilities:

  • Machining
  • Sheet Forming
  • Painting and Special Processes
  • Fuselage Level Assembly
  • Part Manufacturing
  • Tool & Fixture Design / Manufacturing

In additon, we would bring the following competitive advantages to your business:

  • Cost competitiveness
  • Fuselage level assembly capability
  • Existing infrastructure and additional space for new investments
  • Easy access to low cost and highly capable labor market both blue collar & white collar
  • Parent Company strong financial position

DASAL Aerospace Technologies

DASAL Aerospace Technologies

DASAL Aerospace Technologies, established in 2019, is dedicated to developing competitive single and multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that cater to the needs of Turkish defense and security units, as well as various stakeholders in the government, private sector, and international market. Our focus on aircraft technologies through product development and research and development activities aims to enhance our country's tactical and operational capabilities, serving as a force multiplier on both national and international scales. Additionally, we strive to be the preferred solution partner in the civilian sector.

As a subsidiary of ALTINAY Defense Technologies and ASELSAN, DASAL envisions itself as a transformative solution center that designs technologies capable of safely and effectively fulfilling demanding and exceptional missions expected from aerial vehicles. Our products, distinguished by original designs, are categorized into four main classes: mini-class, light-class, medium-class, and heavy-class UAVs. Each class offers distinct payload capacities and mission capabilities, including reconnaissance, surveillance, firepower, sustainability, and logistics support. Our UAVs are designed to operate seamlessly in day and night conditions.

DASAL's Teknopark Istanbul campus hosts an electronics laboratory equipped with essential tools like oscilloscopes, power supplies, and rapid PCB prototyping facilities for experimental work. Our structural and hardware design infrastructure and analysis employ software such as UG NX, Solidworks, Nastran, Simulia Abaqus, Ansys, Matlab/Simulink, Flow5 (XFLR5), Datcom Pro, OpenFoam CFD, Altimus, as well as Qt and Visual Studio for avionics systems. Furthermore, our separate manufacturing and assembly facility outside Teknopark Istanbul is equipped with five CNC machines and two lathe machines. Overall, DASAL encompasses a 1,000m² closed assembly area and a comprehensive infrastructure of 2,000m², including various office locations and a dedicated site for testing and trial flights.



Turbomak, subsidiary of EJS, is a company focusing on engine rotatives, such as low and high turbine discs, spools, blisks, shafts, rings, seals, housings, etc. for aerospace but also for marine and power industry as well. Machining of forgings, forging qualifying, finish machining, NNS machining, turning, NDT, FPI, macro etching and micrography are key processes.

Flexibility, optimized cost, continuous improvement are keys lying under our success. Various Inconel grades including Inco718, Waspaloy, Titanium grades like Ti6-4 and Ti-6-2-4-6, Rene88, Rene65, stainless steel grades and aerospace steel grades can be processed. ( Special processes approvals can not be valid for all grades. )

We are holding AS9100, NADCAP and customer approvals of Safran, GE, RR and MTU for special processes and NDT.

Turbomak is a reliable partner by 20+ experience in aerospace and ready for a full cycle service including logistics.

Garanti Kompozit

Garanti Kompozit

Garanti Kompozit is a well-equipped and experienced manufacturer of composite products and operates in her modern production facilities over 45.000 sqm covered area with 350 highly experienced personnel. Garanti has over 20 units of presses and 2 autoclaves for SMC production of composite parts for drones and air vehicles, as well as robotic cutting and finishing systems. We also manufacture composite headwear made of reinforcement materials such as helicopter helmets made of carbon for rotary wing pilots and crew, bump helmets made of glass fiber and polycarbonate for outdoors use.

HMS Makina

HMS Makina

HMS Makina is producing complex parts and assemblies with its experienced team for its customers. Under one roof we are able to perform machining, coating, painting, non-destructive tests (LPI and MPI), shot peening, surface enhancement, chemical processing and assembly. We support a global portfolio of aerospace primes and their sub-tiers. All of our special processes are major OEMs and NADCAP approved. Today, HMS Makina is a leading machining company producing many different products for its distinguished customers, mainly in EU countries. Over 70% of the total sales are export sales. HMS operates in its modern 23.000 m² production facility built on 35.260 m² ground; an additional same-size facility is also available for future expansions. It employs 440 highly skilled personnel, including 85 Engineers and 195 Technicians, working in 3 shifts.



Sentes-BIR is advanced material technology company, provides products and solutions for joining, surfacing of metals and produces metal powders for various applications for different industries.

With rapid development of addittive manufacturing, Sentes-BIR develops powder for additive manufacturing and established Sentes ADDITIVE business unit as a service provider in metal additive manufacturing.

Sentes-BIR is government recognized R&D center since 2017

In 2019, Sentes-BIR is awarded as the Most Innovative SME by KOSGEB (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization).

TAAC Aerospace Technologies

TAAC Aerospace Technologies

TAAC Aerospace Technologies Inc. (TAAC) was established in 2019 as a joint venture between Turkish Aerospace Industries and ALTINAY Defense Technologies. The primary goal of TAAC is to develop critical Flight Control Systems, Landing Gear Systems, and Test Systems in compliance with aviation standards.

Since its inception, TAAC has been actively engaged in engineering activities, starting with the HÜRJET Iron Bird development project in 2019. Today, TAAC has expanded its scope and collaborates with numerous domestic and international stakeholders on various critical projects. The company's focus remains on the National Combat Aircraft project, as well as several other platforms.

As a leading engineering firm, TAAC is committed to utilizing national resources and a skilled workforce to develop cutting-edge products for the aviation industry. The company adopts an environmentally and human-centered approach, striving to excel in the field of motion control systems, test systems, and landing gears. With ambitious goals and targets, TAAC aims to establish itself as one of the world's top aviation companies.



Transvaro is a leading company, designing and manufacturing day/night, thermal and multi vision systems, laser systems, border safety systems, periscope systems, 360-degree situation awareness systems and electromagnetic weapon systems. In recent years Transvaro has expanded its scope of products to include Laser designators, gimbals, and a anti UAV system, in addition to surveillance UAV’s and loitering munitions thanks to Transvaro’s partnership with HYDRA technologies, Transvaro is located in Halkali/Istanbul, Turkey. With more than 30 years of experience, armed forces and security forces of Turkey in addition to several other nations rely on our systems and products.

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